**Privacy and Information Handling Policies**

In accordance with Decree 1074 of 2015, articles and onwards, we hereby inform you that the information we request will only be used and processed in the context of the accommodation contract between the parties. This information will be safeguarded, and we assume the responsibilities and duties as custodians of this information. We declare that we understand the sensitivity of this information and, likewise, it will not be disclosed to third parties unless authorized by the owner of the information. The contact person for any inquiries or claims is Ms. MARTHA FONSECA, Mobile Number +573173009593, Email: administracion@puntafaro.com.

**Privacy Notice - Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena**

OCEAN BREEZE HOSPITALITY SAS hereby informs all clients, suppliers, and others that, in compliance with our Personal Data Protection Policy, personal data obtained as a result of the operations you request or engage in with OCEAN BREEZE HOSPITALITY SAS will be processed in accordance with the principles and duties defined in Law 1581 of 2012, Decree 1074 of 2015, articles, and other applicable regulations.

Data processing controller: The controller of your personal data will be OCEAN BREEZE HOSPITALITY SAS, to whom data subjects may address for the effective exercise of their rights of access, rectification, updating, deletion, and revocation of processing authorization.

Legal domicile: For the purposes of this privacy notice, OCEAN BREEZE HOSPITALITY SAS states that its legal domicile is located in Barranquilla, Department of Atlántico, Republic of Colombia, at CR 53 No 79 - 158 OF 2B.

Personal data processing with prior authorization: OCEAN BREEZE HOSPITALITY SAS collects and processes the personal data necessary to fulfill our functions, as defined in Law 1581 of 2012 Article 12. Duty to inform the Data Subject. The Data Processing Controller, when requesting authorization from the Data Subject, must clearly and expressly inform them of the following:

a) The purpose of the processing of their personal data.

b) The voluntary nature of responding to questions related to sensitive data or the data of children and adolescents.

c) The rights of the Data Subject.

d) The identification, physical or electronic address, and phone number of the Data Processing Controller.

Purposes of processing: The personal data that OCEAN BREEZE HOSPITALITY SAS collects through its various transactional channels will be used for the operation and registration within the functions and purposes regulated and established in the Colombian Commercial Code, Law 1581 of 2012, and Decree 1074 of 2015. Furthermore, OCEAN BREEZE HOSPITALITY SAS may use your personal data to offer and/or inform you, as applicable, of other products and/or services offered, sold, marketed, and promoted by OCEAN BREEZE HOSPITALITY SAS or any of its subsidiaries.

Transfer of personal data: OCEAN BREEZE HOSPITALITY SAS may transfer your personal data to third parties or subsidiaries with whom they have operational relationships and who provide necessary services for their proper operation. In such cases, we inform you that OCEAN BREEZE HOSPITALITY SAS will take the necessary measures to ensure that individuals who have access to your personal data comply with the Personal Data Protection Policy adopted by Colombian law, the Security Document, and the principles of personal data protection established by law.

Exercise of your rights: You or your legally authorized representative may restrict the use or disclosure of your personal data, as well as exercise, when applicable, the rights of Access, Rectification, Updating, or Deletion provided by law, by sending an express communication to OCEAN BREEZE HOSPITALITY SAS. It is important to note that exercising any of these rights is not a prerequisite for or impediment to exercising any other right.

Changes to the Privacy Notice: Any changes to this notice will be notified to you through any of the following means: a written notice sent to your address, a message sent to your email or mobile phone, a notice published on www.puntafaro.com, or any electronic medium used to conduct operations with OCEAN BREEZE HOSPITALITY SAS.

Information Security: OCEAN BREEZE HOSPITALITY SAS has implemented technological, legal, and procedural measures to protect your personal data, ensuring the attributes of authenticity, integrity, and availability of information.