Last updated 01-05-2022


Your safety and well-being is our priority



Providing safe and clean environments for our guests and our staff is always a top priority for Punta Faro. Likewise, we remain committed to updating cleaning levels, now and in the future. Our commitment to care and cleanliness is focused on the safety and well-being of the people who work and stay in our HOTEL, and is based on rigorous existing protocols regarding safety and cleaning. The commitment includes a cleaning training process for managers or hygiene and wellness teams, as well as an interdisciplinary consultant for medical and hotel consulting.

Below are the measures, requirements and regulations in relation to the health emergency when arriving, during and when leaving the hotel.



Meeting point and boarding in our boats


When you arrive at the meeting point, you must report to our reception staff at the pier and also present your digital or physical vaccination card against COVID-19 for all the members of your travel group.

Note: If you and your companions will travel to the island by another means of transport other than ours, please bear in mind that upon arrival at the hotel you must present your vaccination cards. Failure to present the vaccination schedule will be grounds for not accepting your admission to the hotel.


Express check in


To speed up data collection and avoid crowds at check-in, we have implemented a virtual form so that you can complete it prior to your arrival. This will be sent to you together with the confirmation of your reservation.


Report of symptoms associated with COVID 19 during your stay


If, upon arrival on the island or during your stay, you or any of your companions have symptoms such as fever, malaise, cough, respiratory distress or any symptoms associated with COVID-19 disease, you must report it to the reception team where indications will be given about the biosafety measures and protocols for positive cases established according to the decree issued by the Colombian health authority. Failure to report these symptoms, and if in such circumstances members of our service team notice that they have not been reported, you or your companions may be called to do a temperature test and check the status of symptoms.

Note: Failure to comply with the rules and measures of the Punta Faro hotel in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic by the guest or their companions, will be grounds for termination of the accommodation contract without legal responsibility for the establishment.


Biosafety measures and protocols for positive cases in the hotel


Taking into account the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the preventive measures for the spread of COVID-19 established by our biosafety protocols, any suspected or confirmed case of contagion by COVID-19 should be governed by the following actions:




Because Punta Faro is located on Isla Múcura and its only way of access is by sea, in those suspected, reported or confirmed cases of contagion, it must be subjected to isolation in the room until it is determined, the form and day of return to the city according to the indications of the management and according to the clinical picture that the passenger presents.


 Transfer due to minor or serious illness due to Covid 19


In those cases where the guest presents a severe picture of symptoms and urgently requires a transfer to a health center, it will be the coast guard unit, who must respond to the situation of assistance and transfer of the passenger.


On the other hand, if the case does not present serious symptoms but the passenger still requires to leave the hotel, then the hotel will put a medium boat at the customer's disposal for the transfer to the city of origin. It should be noted that the express transfer costs must be borne by the guest.


Cancellations due to COVID-19 and events related to the pandemic


Guided by our objective of care and taking into account the comments of the people staying with us, Hotel Punta Faro offers rates with flexible cancellation options to give you peace of mind when planning your trips. However, taking into account the difficult situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made our reservation cancellation penalties more flexible for those cases that due to duly verified and documented contagion reasons or restrictions on mobility from their country of origin or destination can not make their trip. In these cases, exceptional measures will be taken where you can reschedule your trip without any type of penalty or simply request a refund of your money in full after deducting financial costs such as credit card commissions or bank fees.